Friday, 8 July 2011

DroidMAC WIP01 - available for download :)


You can [finally] download a works in progress version of DroidMac from here.
Zip contains an apk file (to be installed on your Android device), droidmac.prefs (to be put on /sdcard/) and readme file (TO BE READ and i mean it :)).

You still need to have a Mac ROM (don't ask me, find some old mac, or buy it from a friend, etc.) and a Mac disk image (i.e. hfv file). You can use this one - pretty handy, comes with basic tools. Installation/configuration notes are in the zip file.

Kudos go to,,, Pelya (for SDL), BasiliskII team (ofcoz) and last but not least Darek Mihocka (from, you know why!).

Comments are very welcome. Enjoy!