Saturday, 26 November 2011

Source code is there...

Its crappy, clumsy, dirty, galaxies away from the production level code. But its there if you willing to do something with it. Available for download. One brave man already did (so hopefully some news will come soon from him).

Saturday, 22 October 2011

DroidMac is dead...

Hi All,

I must admit, that i wanted to take DroidMac much forward, as I saw it (among my other emu ports) as the most promising (mainly due to the MacOS capabilities and speed). I have currently a version in the works with better touch mouse support, config capabilities front-end, etc. I was to release it on this page within next few days. But no I don't.

After seeing this: and especially after reading many of the comments to this article, I must admit that I'm loosing my energy to work on the project that praises Apple in any way. I lost a passion for it. Period.

Therefore this project is dead. Feel free to use the previous version.

From now on I will focus on DroidPUAE development.

Update: after very deep Colinski comment (thanks for it!), yes, i must admit - that to do that kind of project you need to feel something for the subject. And this feel I unfortunately lost last days due to the topic linked above. But as to my knowledge it is the only working Basilisk port for Android - I can immadietely share the source code of it to anyone willing to take it forward. The code in the current form is pretty clumsy, definitely not production level, but it shouldn't be a problem for someone willing to take it over. I own it to the vintage Mac community that is simply great (E-Maculation, Macintoshgarden, etc.)

Friday, 8 July 2011

DroidMAC WIP01 - available for download :)


You can [finally] download a works in progress version of DroidMac from here.
Zip contains an apk file (to be installed on your Android device), droidmac.prefs (to be put on /sdcard/) and readme file (TO BE READ and i mean it :)).

You still need to have a Mac ROM (don't ask me, find some old mac, or buy it from a friend, etc.) and a Mac disk image (i.e. hfv file). You can use this one - pretty handy, comes with basic tools. Installation/configuration notes are in the zip file.

Kudos go to,,, Pelya (for SDL), BasiliskII team (ofcoz) and last but not least Darek Mihocka (from, you know why!).

Comments are very welcome. Enjoy!

Monday, 18 April 2011

DroidMac runs OS 7.5.5

As you can see, there some progress on the port. What works:
  • keyboard (more or less), mouse (touchpad like), support for dsk, support for hfv images, windowed or shrinked screen (piggy back from DroidDos), proper blitting (but for 16M/32bits only for now, due to dirty hack i did :(),
What does not work (yet?):
  • sound, network, JIT, changing number of colors (in MacOS) from 16M will crash the emulator.
I can run prepared hfv image with OS 7.5.5 (+Appearance+Kaleidoscope with infamous Aqua screen - did i say i love Aqua UI?+stuffit +wordperfect).

As i re-used my DroidDos UI cage (for mouse/keyboard/settings handling), i need to change it to Mac specifics before i release first downloadable *.apk. Probably within a week or two.

The above screenshots are taken from my phone. It takes approx 60-70sec. to boot MacOS 7.5.5 on my LG Swift (600MhZ, Android 2.1).