Monday, 18 April 2011

DroidMac runs OS 7.5.5

As you can see, there some progress on the port. What works:
  • keyboard (more or less), mouse (touchpad like), support for dsk, support for hfv images, windowed or shrinked screen (piggy back from DroidDos), proper blitting (but for 16M/32bits only for now, due to dirty hack i did :(),
What does not work (yet?):
  • sound, network, JIT, changing number of colors (in MacOS) from 16M will crash the emulator.
I can run prepared hfv image with OS 7.5.5 (+Appearance+Kaleidoscope with infamous Aqua screen - did i say i love Aqua UI?+stuffit +wordperfect).

As i re-used my DroidDos UI cage (for mouse/keyboard/settings handling), i need to change it to Mac specifics before i release first downloadable *.apk. Probably within a week or two.

The above screenshots are taken from my phone. It takes approx 60-70sec. to boot MacOS 7.5.5 on my LG Swift (600MhZ, Android 2.1).